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Animal Tracks And Signs: Track Over 400 Animals From Big Cats To Backyard Birds

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Animal Tracks And Signs Track Over 400
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Animal Tracks And Signs: Track Over 400 Animals From Big Cats To Backyard Birds is a must own child's book. The author is Jinny Johnson and the publisher is National Geographic Children's Books. It went on sale on the 12th of August, 2008. The encyclopedia has 192 pages. If you need a copy of this book for your children, check out our partners via the link on this site.

The author for Animal Tracks And Signs: Track Over 400 is Jinny Johnson. animal signs over animals cats backyard

Savings Price: $14.98
Publisher:National Geographic Children's Books
Author:Jinny Johnson

When the wilderness calls— or even just the back yard— young nature lovers need a helpful guide to set them on the appropriate track. Life-size illustrations of footprints (and droppings! This beautifully illustrated volume is a species-by-species guide to the clues left behind by more than 400 animals on planet Earth. Animal Tracks and Signs gives young readers the knowledge and expertise to interpret these mysteries. The inviting text helps readers identify what to appear for when tracking animals (or imagining tracking them) inside the wild or in the back yard: tracks and footprints; feeding signs; droppings and pellets; animal dens, nests, and hiding places; and other distinct signs of animal behavior. What can we tell from an accumulation of twigs left behind inside the crook of a tree? The author also shares expert advice on how you can observe animals in the wild anyplace inside the planet. Now kids can learn about their favorite animals— from cheetahs to snakes— in a whole new way: from the signs they leave behind. What does a row of tracks signify? Stunning wildlife photography and clear diagrams make this a visually powerful book sure to capture the imagination of every single young reader. What are those squiggly marks inside the sand?) bring the wild alive on the page.

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  • Num. Pages: 192
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