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Kingfisher Dinosaur Encyclopedia, The: One Encylopedia, A World Of Prehistoric Knowledge

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Dinosaur Encyclopedia


ISBN: 0753464403
Author: Michael Benton

For those who are wishing to buy an encyclopedia We've come up with very good info. Dinosaur Encyclopedia is an excellent children's encyclopedia. Written by Michael Benton and it was published around April of 2010 by Kingfisher. The children's encyclopedia is 160 pages long. To order a copy at the best price, visit our store button on this site.

This amazing 160-page volume will be the perfect guide to dinosaurs and the prehistoric world for children aged nine plus. It is packed with colourful illustrations, step-by-step sequences and also the latest photography. Arranged thematically into important areas, the concise text is clear, correct and perfectly pitched, generating this an unbeatable resource for home and school.


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