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Dk Google E. Encyclopedia: Science

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Dk Google E Encyclopedia Science


ISBN: 0756602157
Author: Chris Woodford / Kim Bryan / Robin Kerrod / Jen Green / Roger Bridgman / Penny Preston

The author is Chris Woodford / Kim Bryan / Robin Kerrod / Jen Green / Roger Bridgman / Penny Preston and it is published by DK CHILDREN. This encyclopedia was available on bookshelves in August of 2004. The hardcover children's book is centered on Science and is viewed as smart encyclopedias, juvenile. Should you be inside the library you can certainly look it up with the DDC, Q121.E48 2004. This is the 1st American ed. of the encyclopedia has 384 pages and it is stuffed with amazingly colored illustrations. The children's book emphasizes Computer network resources, add to cart by selecting the link below.

The e. encyclopedia science pulls out each of the stops to tell-and show-readers every thing about science. DK and Google-a match made in info-gathering heaven-set the benchmark for science and technology reference for the complete family. That's not all it is, though. The e. encyclopedia program takes the subsequent step in modern reference publishing by partnering with Google, the Web's most trafficked search engine, to actively manage and update dedicated Web web sites to take you directly for possibly the most useful, safe, and age-appropriate data on-line. Packed employing the quite latest photographs, illustrations, and 3-D models, and enhanced by cutting-edge computer image manipulation, e. encyclopedia science is a comprehensive and authoritative reference work for youngsters.


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