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Encyclopedia Of The Human Body

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Encyclopedia Of The Human Body


ISBN: 0789486725
Author: DK Publishing

Your children will love this incredible encyclopedia by DK Publishing. The author is DK Publishing and it was published on the 1st of September, 2002 by DK CHILDREN. The hardcover children's encyclopedia features Human anatomy as well as Human body and Human physiology and is viewed as a very good encyclopedias. This version is the 1st American ed. of Encyclopedia Of The Human Body is 304 pages long and it offers a great many wonderfully colored illustrations. For more information regarding this book, click on our store button.

A visually stimulating encyclopedia that explore and explains the workings of the human body. Packed with bold illustrations and easy-to-follow text, the most difficult anatomical concepts, from skeletal and muscular systems towards the digestive and reproductive organs, are now basic and straightforward to understand. Providing comprehensive support for school children at the very same time as a useful loved ones guide for understanding how the physique works, the Encyclopedia from the Human Body is a spectacular reference for young readers.


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