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The Kingfisher First Human Body Encyclopedia (kingfisher First Reference)

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First Human Body Encyclopedia


ISBN: 0753451778
Author: Richard Walker


An illustrated introduction to the different parts of the human body and how they work.
Children love The Kingfisher First Human Body Encyclopedia (kingfisher First Reference). Written by Richard Walker and it was published sometime in September of 1999 by Kingfisher. The hardcover book is centered on Human body and it is considered smart encyclopedias, juvenile. The encyclopedia is 112 pages long and it consists of quite a few black and white drawings. It also highlights Human physiology and Human anatomy, visit the weblink below.

This informative and activity-filled reference introduces younger children to human biology in a lively and accessible way. Cross-references encourage further exploration. A reference section in the back of the book consists of a glossary, an index, and an 'Amazing facts' section. Connected activities and projects. Full-color spreads address the concerns that fascinate children, such as: What are we made of? , Why do we should sleep? , and How do we breathe? Dozens of activities and experiments, including - Keeping a food diary (to analyze diet) - provide children with the opportunity to reinforce newly learned information. Vocabulary carefully chosen for the 5-8 yr. Clear and easy-to-understand definitions. The book's thematic structure tends to make it easy for young readers to recognize the different systems and organs that make up the body. Special Features: Over 1,000 appealing, colorful photographs and illustrations. reading level.


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