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Oh, Yuck! The Encyclopedia Of Everything Nasty

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Oh Yuck The Encyclopedia Of Everything

Workman Publishing Company

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Author: Joy Masoff
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An alphabetical collection of articles about disgusting things, from acne, ants, and bacteria to worms, x-periments, and zits.
Encyclopedia Of Everything Nasty is an awesome children's encyclopedia. Written by Joy Masoff and the publisher is Workman Publishing Company. It was available on the 2nd of January, 2000. The encyclopedia is 224 pages long and it has black and white artwork, click the weblink below.

Kids love stuff that's gross. From the liquids, solids, and gases--especially the gases! Exhaustively researched and impeccably scientific, yet written with a lively lack of earnestness, Oh, Yuck! explains why vomit smells; exactly where dandruff comes from; what pus is all about; and why maggots adore rotting meant. Here are vampire bats, which sip blood and pee at the same time so that they'll always be light enough to fly away; and slime eels, wreathed in mucus and eating fellow fish from the inside out. Other attributes incorporate gross recipes, putrid projects, 10 foods that make you airborne, and far much more. Oh, Yuck! --or their own bodies to the creepy, crawly, slimy, slithery, fetid, and feculent phenomena inside the planet at large, kids utilizing a curious bent just can't get enough. With hundreds of cartoon illustrations and real-life photographs, Oh, Yuck! is the complete guide towards the irresistible--at least to an 8-to-12 year old--underbelly of life. Oh, Yuck! The Encyclopedia of Everything Nasty brings together, in 1 book, each of the excellent things about numerous with the baddest things on Earth. is an ants to zits encyclopedic compendium covering people, animals, insects, plants, foods, and more.


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